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Dear friends, clients and art-lovers,

Personally and professionally 2012 has been a year of significant changes for me and I would like to share my news with this email. Only some of my friends are informed that gallery Different in London, my own business since 1999, has changed ownership and I am somewhat relieved that the new owners, formerly employed by me, no longer represent me as an artist or deal with my artwork. I no longer trade as gallery Different.

This is an invitation to contact me directly at the studio using only my contact details below. Alternatively other London galleries represent my work as well as galleries elsewhere in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada, Australia, Singapore and Asia. For sales, enquiries and info please send me an email, just call me (+44 207 232 1023) or visit my studio by appointment – you're very welcome!

I also want to share news about my latest creations:

Begbie Buddhabar01

Installation at Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London

Begbie Buddhabar02

'Transpose' at Buddha-Bar, London


'Transpose' 2012

'TRANSPOSE' 2012 - Floating Bronzemesh Buddha, 175 x 110 x 100 cm for Buddha-Bar, London, a figure made from a single sheet of bronze mesh and transformed into an expressive, dynamic balance of power an dignity.
An intriguing harmony of naked skin and drape with a special emphasis on the transcendental nature of the Buddha: a powerful dynamic fusion of the sculpture and its shadow projected onto and into the screen behind.

Begbie TRANSPOSEshadow2

Shadow images on glass screen

The projected shadow emerges through the glass screen. The composition created is encapsulated as a separate artwork in itself and is the first experience of the sculpture as you enter the Buddha-Bar.
The lighting is designed to create an abstract multi-layered shadow image and to be hypnotic, repetitive and obsessive – a quality currently to be experienced in contemporary chill-out music and club music worldwide.

Begbie TRANSCEND01web

'Transcend' 2012

'TRANSCEND' 2012 - A magnificent metal curtain, comprised of 207 Brass Buddha elements, 378 x 252 cm,
in tune with the brass elements and finishing detail that is a theme throughout at the Buddha-Bar, fabulously conceived by architects Tibbats • Abel.


'Transcend' Brass Buddha

Already there has been significant interest in the small Brass Buddha figure, dimensions 25 x 15 cm, so I may contemplate a limited edition, either mounted, suspended or framed.
If you are interested in an unusual collector's item, please drop me a line.


Joy Carter Pre-launch Video

More info:

Watch the Pre-launch Video Buddha-Bar London in Youtube!
Many thanks to Joy Carter and motion-blur!

You also might like to see more images in flickr
including my retrospective selection online!

Begbie TRANSPOSE-05s

Entrance Buddha-Bar


I hope you like my newsletter and please feel free to pass it on to others who enjoy contemporary art. I will inform you about new artwork in future emails.
My next email will be a Christmas and NewYear's update!

Warm Regards

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