Dear friends and art-lovers, here's some HOT News to encourage and to bring on the 'English Summer'!

ChaChaCha 2013

Begbie CHACHACHA-03-518 554

Dimensions 5.5 x 1.7 x 1.5 m
Mirrored stainless steel sculpture, devised in three parts with laser cut design, mounted on a circular two-tier integrated base. Installed In the USA, NY State, May 2013.

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Summer Salon Show at Rarity Gallery, Mykonos


Many thanks to artists Keith Haynes and Kim Clayton-Jones, to our hosts Chris and Perry as well as to all friends joining our Manhattan 'London Calling' SoHo loft party!

The mirrored steel used for this artwork adds yet another dynamic optical element to the fascinating and extraordinary balance of solidity and transparency whereby reflection is utilised as an important new feature for the sculpture itself.
On a formal abstract level the composition centres around a dynamic interplay of positive, negative and reflection as well as being an actual portrait.
A huge thank-you to ABC Stainless Ltd., Barton Engineers and Maerskline.

Begbie Chachacha2

New Art Gallery OPIOM, Southern France


I'd like to invite you to visit my brand-new website www.davidbegbie.com designed by Eva Begbie, showing available sculpture steelmesh and steelpanel work. New is a collection of commissioned sculpture and you can find my latest artworks 'SINTIMATES' and 'PNUDIS':

Begbie newWork

I'd like to introduce you to OPIOM gallery - exclusively dedicated to Contemporary Photography and Sculpture, OPIOM Gallery will open its doors during the summer 2013 in Opio near Cannes and I am delighted to take part in the inaugural exhibition and to exhibit new sculpture which will launch this exciting new venture.


Buddha-Head, 'GENIS', 'SINU' and 'TZINU'


Biennale Vught Special Edition, The Netherlands


I am currently taking part in Van Loon Galleries' magnificent art event taking place in the gallery and gardens as well as in the adjacent church – the popular exhibition is prolonged until 23 June and exhibits a fantastic choice of artists. 11 am - 6 pm.

Installation 'TUSO', Beirut

Begbie TUSO-installation

A new partner in Lebanon is Nayla Khoury from iye>forart and I'd like to share an installation image of TUSO, a commissioned suspended sculpture in Beirut.

Begbie at RARITY

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden 2013

I am pleased to be invited to show with Rarity Gallery again this summer in Greece. This semi-nude, female figure 'UNNUD' and a very stunning, all-male triple composition 'TRITUS' will be on show alongside a selection of contemporary art from around the globe.

The beautiful garden in ... is definitely worth a visit as you do have thoughtful landscaping, beautiful water features and outside sculptures to explore.
Image: 'SOLA' and 'NUUDIS' at Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

Begbie HannahPeschar-lII

Galleries showing my work

On my website is a list of all art galleries and consultants representing my work.

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Have a fab summer!

Best wishes

David Begbie a.r.b.s., June 2013

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