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  • ’MIXMATCH’ 2000
    Steel-mesh sculpture of a male front and a female back
    free-standing on metal base in black colour finish.
    Dimensions 50 x 37 x 18 cm

  • ’STRIPPER’ 1992
    Steel-mesh sculpture of a female front figure with crown and further details on an integral metal base in black colour finish.
    55 x 13 x 11 cm, height of base 169.5 cm.

  • ’VENUS’ 1995
    Sculpture of a female figure, suspended in copper colour finish
    Dimensions 205 x 78 x 40 cm.

  • ’MALE BACK’ 1984
    Steel-mesh sculpture of a male back figure on a white base with white/brown and multi-coloured painted scarf.
    Height 94 cm including plinth.

My earlier sculptures are raw and expressive and intensely aggressive. They are created by searching deep into the fabric of the medium modelling and exploring its character – pushing the material to its limits.
David Begbie

"BLEEP" The Eric and Jean Cass Collection

The collectors Eric (brother of Wilfred Cass) and Jean Cass have donated more than 300 works of Modern and contemporary art, valued at £4m to different museums. The collection was previously housed in Eric and Jean Cass’s large Modernist home (and garden) in Surrey, just outside London. It was put together by the couple over a period of 40 years, and includes sculptures, ceramics, drawings, prints and paintings by artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Joan Miró, Henry Moore, Eduardo Paolozzi, Pablo Picasso and Victor Pasmore.

Here is a link to an extract of "BLEEP - The Eric and jean Cass Collection" featuring home and garden including three of my steelmesh sculptures, available again: STRIPPER 1992, MIXMATCH 2000 and VENUS 1995.


MIXMATCH was Eric and Jean's third purchase of sculpture by David Begbie and is the smallest. They consider him to be a very exciting artist and particularly like the shadows cast by his work. Also notable is the way in which the mesh changes direction and at the same time creates changes in tone, emphasising the form of the figure.
‘VENUS‘ 1995

Eric and Jean have several sculptures by David Begbie. Having been introduced to him by Lindy Kosh of Quinton Green Fine Art. Their first purchase was Standing Figure 'Stripper' 1992. When invited to an exhibition of Begbie's work at Differentiate near Tower Bridge, they were struck by two figures. male and female, hung outside high against the sky… 'VENUS'. has been installed at the front door of Bleep since 1996.
"David Begbie is a sculptor whose wire mesh figures have a startling presence. They are strongly modelled, yet because of the material he uses they can have a fragile presence. Perfectly formed, the fragments that he chooses for his compositions speak for the whole. The mesh has a sheen which further accentuates the modelling and tonal variations across the surface."
Standing Figure 'STRIPPER ' is the first sculpture by David Begbie that Eric and Jean bought for their collection. The stripper stands on a wire base that is an integral part of the sculpture, raising the figure to eye-level. So perfectly measured are Begbie's figures that they seem to have been generated photographically or with the aid of a computer. Nothing could be further from the truth - They are made entirety by the artist's hand and are not fashioned around a pre-modelled form. David Begbie says of his work: 'The medium itself has very little substance and hardly exists at all but it has a three-dimensional presence far greater than a solid object.'
Bleep - David Begbie Sculpture in Eric and Jean Cass Collection
Eric and Jean Cass - Image of Jean

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