All artworks are unique, free-standing
mounted on a painted steel base with signature and date.
Please enquire for availability, prices and shipping details by email.
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  • white mesh sculpture with spotlight and shadow
    White steelmesh sculpture of a nude female form

    ’ICON I’ 2009
    Large female figure in white colour finish
    Bronzemesh Sculpture
    153 x 44 x 37 cm

  • copper bronze sculpture with compelling shadow projections
    Over live-size male figure as a mesh bronze sculpture

    ’ICON II’ 2009
    Large male front figure
    Bronzemesh Sculpture
    157 x 46 x 36 cm

  • ’PSINU large’ 2012
    Sculpture of a male back figure
    black colour finish
    Steel-Mesh, 92.5 x 30.5 x 20.5 cm

  • Contemporary wire-mesh sculpture female body
    Female figure in black steelmesh

    ’INUS’ 2009
    Sculpture of a female figure
    black colour finish
    Steel-Mesh, 92 x 27 x 20 cm

  • Artist and unique wire-mesh sculpture of two girls
    Double figure composition Pnuudus - the female form

    ’PNUUDUS’ 2013
    Double female figure composition
    black colour finish
    Steel Mesh, 118 x 74 x 20.5 cm

  • Two male bodies in steel mesh - compelling artwork
    Male figure sculpture composition OMO in wiremesh

    ’OMO’ 2015
    Double male figure composition
    Grey colour finish
    Steel Mesh, 92 x 55 x 17.5 cm

  • Modern sculpture made of metal mesh in red
    Femerge - a female body sculpture in bright red

    ’FEMERGE’ 2015
    Double female figure composition
    Bright red colour finish
    Steel Mesh, 120 x 70 x 20 cm

The multiple figure sculptures are essentially concerned with human relationships. Compositions where physical, psychological, sexual and emotional characteristics interweave without being specific or explicit.
David Begbie