Hand-made wire-mesh sculpture made out of a single sheet of bronze or steel mesh.
A "Begbie sculpture" is never moulded – a unique translucent artwork with its own character.

  • A nude girl sculpture in transparent mesh
    Figurative sculpture of a female body in woven mesh

    ’CYNU’ - 50 cm
    See more freestanding Small Mesh Sculpture

  • A male back figurine made of mesh with shadow projection
    Figure in transparent wiremesh smaller sized

    ’CYNEU’ - 74 cm
    See more freestanding Small Mesh Sculpture
    See a short video

  • ’PNUUDUS’ - 118 cm
    See more Larger Mesh Sculpture

  • Hanging sculpture of a woven mesh sculpture with shadow projections
    A female body sculpture with wings

    ’ABANGEL’ - 54 cm
    See more Suspended Mesh Sculpture

  • Wire-Art Sculpture depicting a girl with crown detail and stockings
    Earlier Unique Work by sculptor David Begbie still available

    ’STRIPPER’ - 55 cm
    See more Earlier Work Sculpture

  • A seated buddhafigure sculpture in wire-art
    A seated Buddha in woven mesh

    Recently Sold
    TRANSMUTE - 100 cm

Most of my sculptures are made from a single rectangle of wiremesh with nothing added and nothing taken away. The material is simply transformed.
David Begbie