AIRWAVE 2016 - Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, UAE
‘AIRWAVE‘ 2016
Floating Arabic Dhow Sculpture, suspended
White finished stainless steel-mesh, 600 x 375 x 110 cm

Commission by Interior design company LW for Hotel Interior for Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, UAE
Award Winner 2017/2018 in World's Best Africa & Arabia 2017-18

Derived from Arabic dhow designs ‘AIRWAVE‘ is conceived as more than a sculptural rendition of a traditional vessel.
Fabricated in white painted stainless steel mesh, etherial, translucent, precariously poised, this over 6 metre height suspended composition suggests it is more the soul of a vessel than a vessel itself. Rather than in water it floats in air. Phantom-like, this sculpture seems mysteriously poised between the elements where horizon is blurred or lost, its ethos suggesting it exists not only where sea and sky optically merge but in a place where they physically merge, too and where there are neither one thing nor the other.
It’s an exploding apparition which draws attention to the fine line between liquid, air and that which is solid – water, mist, cloud, even ice. Its anti-gravitational composition ultimately expresses a vision and notion of invisible forces which surround us and which form part of everything which exists – electromagnetic and radio waves, light waves, wind and liquid shock waves as well as gravity and its counterpart relentlessly, persuasively, explosively shaping and forcing us to go with the flow.

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