NYB2012 - Maro Gallery, Hauset, Belgium

nyb 12 - New Year’s Brunch 2012 of the Sculpture Network
15.1.2012, Hauset, Belgium
A celebration for contemporary sculpture in Europe - 2000 people - 38 venues - 14 countries

The sculpture network New Year's Brunch 2012 invited to show at Hauset, Belgium. 2,000 artists, art lovers and art mediators gathered simultaneously in order to toast the New Year, pay tribute to the art of sculpture, discuss with like-minded and meet new people. All guests expressed their solidarity with three-dimensional art and their desire to convene. Brunches took place at artists studios, galleries, museums and other cultural institutions.

David-Begbie-sculpNet2012 - 18David-Begbie-sculpNet2012 - 38David-Begbie-sculpNet2012 - 29David-Begbie-sculpNet2012 - 27David-Begbie-sculpNet2012 - 33
David Begbie in Interview at nyb 12 a celebration of contemporary sculpture in Europe Hosted at Ramirez Maro Galerie Hauset Belgium 15 January 2012
Many thanks to Art critic Enzo Santese for his notes about the event:
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