Sculpture in Wire Mesh by
BA (hons), HDFA Slade, MRSS.
Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors

Internationally renowned sculptor David Begbie has worked almost exclusively with the human form throughout his career. Since his first pioneering solo show in London 1984 a whole new genre of steel-mesh art has emerged and continues to grow. He is the master of his medium and his work speaks for itself.
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Play the virtual exhibition tour of artists David Begbie and Jeff Robb 2020

Recent Solo exhibition ’BODY & MIND’ Video – David Begbie and Jeff Robb

  • Sculptor David Begbie's Studio
    Sculptor David Begbie's Studio
    Welcome at the sculptor's studio - a short introduction


Black and transparent male body sculpture


a flat sculpture turns projecting different shadows


an artist is sculpting a large tennis player figure from wire


Drawing of a male figure - etchings by sculptor David Begbie


Wire-mesh sculpture exhibition showing a double figure composition by David Begbie


Video of sculptor David Begbie with live model


Portrait sculptor David Begbie with wire-mesh sculpture detail


A wired hand sculpture by artist David Begbie


Master of Art Medium Wire Mesh

Drawing in Air – David Begbie transforms a light-weight steel or bronze wiremesh spectacularly into a dynamic three-dimensional figurative form.

His transparent sculpture in wiremesh is as much about light as it is about substance and he transforms his seemingly inanimate machined industrial material into dynamic and evocative sculptural forms.

A ’Begbie sculpture’ is hand-sculpted and never moulded – a unique artwork with its individual character, made of a single sheet of bronze or steel mesh. Each Begbie sculpture is modelled using self-made tools and the wire fabric is finished by joining each intersection so that the artwork is robust and stable.

Shadow Projection

The introduction of lighting is an integral part of a particular composition and has the most remarkable result. The use of projected shadows creates an optical fusion of image and object.

Each wiremesh sculpture is an entity which has a far greater physical presence than any solid object could possibly have, because it has the power to suggest that it doesn’t exist.
David Begbie

Sculpture Choice

This website features examples of available sculpture from the artist’s studio and gallery. If you wonder how a contemporary ”Begbie sculpture" looks in your environment, we can super-impose any sculpture into your photo - just send us a snapshot.

… Begbie is able to shape the human form with his hands to produce the illusion of rippling musculature. He makes it seem as sensitive and pliable as wax…
Edward Lucie-Smith


The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Surrey:

“A large face - suspended in trees:
This striking sculpture appears and disappears as the light changes, creating mystery and intrigue under the tree canopy.
Surreal, ethereal, maybe even somewhat mind-boggling… David Begbie’s stunning mesh figures capture more than just skin and bones. Meticulously formed by hand from a single sheet of wire-mesh, each of Begbie’s unique figures sensitively details the human form - down to rippling muscles and dimly flesh."
  • David Begbie's sculpture of a palm
    David Begbie's sculpture of a palm
    Contemporary artwork of a large hand, symbol of activity and success
  • Sculptor Begbie forms a sheet of wire-mesh
    Sculptor Begbie forms a sheet of wire-mesh
    A sculptor models a sheet of indutrial metal mesh to create an artwork
  • Detail of the garden sculpture CHACHACHA by artist David Begbie
    Detail of the garden sculpture CHACHACHA by artist David Begbie
    Mirror finished steel sculpture for a private garden by sculptor David Begbie
  • Large ship sculpture at the Royal Meridian Hotel in Dubai made from wire
    Large ship sculpture at the Royal Meridian Hotel in Dubai made from wire
    Contemporary artwork depicting a floating boat, suspended in a hotel lobby