These two-dimensional (flat) metal sculptures come in a limited edition each - usually a maximum of nine of each artwork plus 3 artist proofs, fabricated on demand.
These semi-transparent sculptures are numbered, signed and dated - a new art form I invented derived from my three-dimensional unique sculpture.

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3 body portrait sculptures and a poet portrait sculptures seen at an art exhibition

How is it made?

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360 Degree
Using his very own techniques of modelling in steelmesh and incorporating photography the outcome for these artworks is stunning:
An image derived from original unique steelmesh sculpture is reformatted in flat (two-dimensional) panel stainless steel, translating it into a new art form.
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With strategic lighting I create dynamic compositions between three-dimensional form and its projected shadow - an optical fusion of two and three dimensions articulating light line and form.
David Begbie

Accessory for freestanding artworks:

PEDESTAL’ (optional)

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A ’flexible’ and elegant way to display suspended art
Steel frame, black colour finish, height approx. 200cm, can be dismantled.
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Accessory for suspended artworks:

EASEL’ (optional)

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A ’flexible’ and elegant way to present a hanging artwork with transparent nylon lines.
Painted steel, customised height and colour, different design optons for single or multiple figure sculptures.