• figurative sculpture of two sisters for garden
    commissioned wire-mesh garden sculpture

    ‘TREEZA’ 2018
    Commission of two sister sculpture
    Private commission of a garden sculpture
    140 x 80 x 15 cm

  • contemporary astronaut sculpture, projected shadows
    Steel sculpture of an astronaut, semi-transparent

    ‘SPACEMAN’ 2017
    Astronaut prototype, free-standing or suspended
    Painted convex stainless steel panel
    120 x 60 x 7 cm
    More images

  • Large Dhow Sculpture in Hotel Lobby
    Floating boat sculpture at lobby Le Royal Méridien, Dubai (7 metres height)

    ‘AIRWAVE’ 2016
    6 metre high floating Arabic Dhow Sculpture
    LW Design commission for Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai
    Info and more images

  • Abstract forms as a ceiling sculpture in wire-mesh
    Ceiling sculpture - part of bronze-mesh sculpture series

    ‘CIRRII‘ Series for 8 Northumberland, Trafalgar Square, London

  • Wiremesh forms at stairwell of event venue 8 Northumberland
    Abstract Mesh Sculpture (detail)

    ‘CUMULUS’ 2015
    ‘CIRRII‘ Series for 8 Northumberland, Trafalgar Square, London

  • White abstract mesh sculptures at ceiling of corridors
    Ceiling Mesh Sculpture Series

    ‘CIRRUS I, II, III’ 2014
    ‘CIRRII‘ Series for 8 Northumberland, Trafalgar Square, London

  • Meshsculpture of English Flag in wire-mesh
    Wire Mesh Sculpture of the Union Flag

    ‘MBLEM’ 2014
    British Consulate-General, Shanghai

  • White painted mesh sculpture in office reception
    Abstract Cloud Sculpture in Wire-Mesh

    ‘ARIOS DIPTYCH’ 2014
    Conning Asset Management.Ltd., London, UK

  • Two hands and juggling balls as wire-artwork
    Mesh sculpture of juggling hands

    ‘HI-FIVE’ 2014
    Juggling hands with juggling balls
    150 x 60 x 35 cm, NY States, USA

  • Garden with beautivul steel sculpture
    Abstract outdoor sculpture in stainless steel

    ‘CHACHACHA’ 2013
    Mirrored-stainless steel sculpture
    5.5m height, New York States, USA
    More images and info

  • Racing boats with art design on sails
    Hand-painted sails at London Boat Show

    London Boat Show, UK Video
    Hand-painted sail with motive
    Read the
    Cowes Yachting Article

  • Hotel Bar Linde with figurative art in Austria
    Sculpture Collection in woven wire-mesh

    ‘NUDA’ 2004 and ‘ANTU’ 2012
    Hotel Linde, Mariawörth, Austria
    Permanent collection of steel-mesh sculptures
    See available mesh sculpture examples

  • Bronze Buddhasculpture at Buddha-Bar London
    Transparent floating Buddha sculpture at the dining area, Buddha-Bar London

    ‘TRANSPOSE’ 2012
    Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London, UK
    More images and info

  • Buddha as multiple copper brass elements
    Wall-mounted brass curtain with buddha figures

    ‘TRANSCEND’ 2012
    Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London, UK
    More images and info

  • Three red-painted steel panel torsos as wall design
    Male and female body torso, steel panel

    ‘VENIUS’ 2012
    Wall-mounted composition of three panel sculptures
    Private commission, UK
    More flat panel sculpture

  • Interior Design with figurative steel-mesh sculpture
    Double torso composition in steel-mesh

    ‘TUSO’ 2012
    Double torso sculpture, suspended
    Private commission, Lebanon
    More images and info

  • Two black wall sculptures in wire-mesh above atrium stairway
    Wall-mounted mesh body figures for grand atrium

    ‘STATU I, STATU II’ 2012
    Male and female figure sculpture
    Wall-mounted over-life-size body sculpture
    Dimensions each 200 x 65 x 35 cm
    Hanover Grange‘, Tryall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • Face portrait in metal panel, black or in highly polished steel
    Steel portraits in different finishes

    Portrait example in stainless steel
    High-polished, mirrored stainless or black steel
    Wall-mounted or suspended
    More flat panel sculpture

  • Steel-Mesh Sculpture of four tennis players, larger than life size
    Tennis player sculpture in steel-mesh

    ‘GRANDSLAM’ 2008
    Wimbledon, LONDON
    The All England Lawn Tennis And Croquet Club
    More images and info
    Installation video

  • Female and male body portrait in copper colour
    Composition of male and female bodies, suspended

    ’OLO’ 2008
    Corporate commission, UK
    Double figure composition steel-mesh sculpture
    Dimensions 200 x 80 x 30 cm

  • Hotelroom with artworks - red male back and female black torso
    Male and female torso as hotel guest room design

    ‘VENUS’ and ‘VENIS’ 2007
    Radisson Edwardian Hotel
    Providence Wharf, London, UK
    More flat panel sculpture

  • Savile Row shop window with silver male torso sculpture
    Male torso sculpture, wire-mesh

    ‘METRE’ 2007
    Savile Row, London
    Male torso
    Steelmesh sculpture and Logo

  • Two views of a slave sculpture in mesh material
    Slave sculpture in wired mesh

    ‘NSLAVE’ 2007
    International Slavery Museum
    Liverpool, UK (Donation)

  • Hotel Stansted area with transparent figurative sculptures
    Body sculpture, SAS Radisson Hotel Stansted

    ‘STANSTILL’ 2004
    180 x 45 x 20 cm
    SAS Radisson Hotel
    London Stansted, UK

  • Bronze angel sculpture at ceiling of the Jam House Edinburgh
    Angel sculpture in wiremesh, The Jam House

    ‘AANGEL’ 2005
    The Jam House, Edinburgh, UK

  • Black figurative sculpture depicting eleven male back figures
    Composition of multiple body sculptures in wiremesh

    Multiple figure composition
    Wire-mesh, private commission
    73 x 215 x 16 cm, London

  • Figure of a nude girl (mesh sculpture) suspended in hotel lobby
    Floating female figure at The Lowry, Manchester

    SUSPENSE’ 2001
    The Lowry Hotel Manchester, UK
    Photo Inset / Photograph copyright: Annie Lennox, 2012

  • Huge face portrait of poet Bede in black wired mesh in Museum, Jarrow
    Portrait of The Venerable Bede

    ‘WORLDSAPART’ 2000
    The Venerable Bede - Portrait
    Suspended, dimensions 250 x 175 x 175 cm
    Bede’s World Museum, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear, UK
    Images of the fabrication

  • Three fish sculptures from transparent metal mesh, wall-mounted in office lobby
    Fish sculpture, Heron Corporation, London

    ‘FISHNET’ 2000
    Heron Corporation, Fleet Place House
    London, UK

  • Small child or baby hold by one hand - wire-mesh artwork at Millennium Dome, suspended
    Baby sculpture representing universal faith

    ‘FAITH’ 1999
    Suspended Sculpture baby/hand
    Wire-mesh, suspended
    The Millennium Dome commission
    Faith Zone, London, UK

  • View into St. Mary The Less with artwork made of steelmesh Jesus lifted free from the cross
    St. Mary The Less in Wherwell, Chilbolton with sculpture CRUCIFORM, a suspended figure of the risen Christ over the chancel. A white button behind the pulpit switches on a timed spotlight, projecting shadows of the sculpture on the ceiling - the sculpture translates into a trinity of images. The Chilbolton Parish Council commissioned the artwork in 1999 and CRUCIFORM was dedicated on 31st December 1999 to commemorate 2000 years of Christianity.

    ‘CRUCIFORM’ 1999
    Permanent Sculpture of the risen Christ, wire-mesh
    Commission to commemorate 2000 years of Christianity
    Parish Church St. Mary The Less, Chilbolton, UK
    Shadows of the sculpture appear on the ceiling, the sculpture translates into a trinity.

  • London Office with two big wall mesh sculptures depicting hands
    Art for offices: suspended hand sculpture

    Heron Corporation Reception commission
    Queen Victoria Street, London, UK

  • Bronze angel sculpture in Birmingham made of wire-mesh by David Begbie
    Angel sculpture for The Jam House Birmingham

    ‘MANANGEL’ installed 2001
    Birmingham's public art collection, Jewellery Quarter, UK
    180 x 100 x 20 cm, wall-mounted male angel sculpture
    The sculpture was missing since August 2016 but retrieved back in 2017

  • Sculpture of a silver angel inside the Jamhouse in Birmingham
    Angel sculpture for The Jam House Birmingham

    ‘ANANGEL’ 1999
    The Jam House, Birmingham, UK
    Wall-mounted angel sculpture
    Dimensions 120 x 170 x 30 cm

  • Portrait of composer Mendelssohn in woven wire-mesh in Hotel, Hamburg
    Portrait of Felix Mendelssohn in wire-mesh

    ’COMPOSURE’ 1998
    Two Mendelssohn portrait busts
    Hyatt Park, Hamburg, Germany

  • ’BALLOON DIPTYCH’ 1997 at Towerbridge
    Two sculptures at Tower Bridge London

    Towerbridge Penthouse Anchor Brewhouse

  • female and male back figures in steel wire / mesh
    The Human form, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

    • ‘FINEFORM’, ‘FIRMFORM’ 1996
    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines commission, Norway
    Wire-Mesh body sculptures, dimensions each 111 x 45 x 35 cm

  • Transparent sculpture of a jacket in metal mesh with shadow projection
    Sculpture for Giorgio Armani, steel-mesh

    ‘JACQUETT’ 1995
    Giorgio Armani, Italy
    Private commission

  • A male and a female body as a wire-mesh composition in mesh material
    Composition of male and female body forms

    ‘BACKTOFRONT’ 1995
    Johnson&Johnson, UK
    Two body composition sculpture, wire-mesh

  • Interior of a gym with body sculpture design
    City Gym - human torso sculptures

    ‘ARCHETYPES’ 1994
    Cannons City Gym, London, UK
    Dimensions various (4x body torso)

  • Series of body mesh panel sculptures and a detail shot of a female back figure in mesh
    Sculpture series for gymnasium and gym lounge

    The Hyatt / Carlton Tower, now Jumeirah Hotel
    London, UK

  • Details of a transparent mesh panel depicting figures in front of Museum windows
    Triptych sculpture at the Natural History Museum

    ‘ORIGINS’ 1993
    Natural History Museum, London, UK
    Permanent Triptych Sculpture, Primates Gallery
    See also flyer ORIGINS

  • Art Collection Cass with paintings and free-standing steel-mesh artwork
    Steel-mesh sculpture on pedestal, part of art collection Eric and Jean Cass

    ’STRIPPER’ 1992
    The Eric and Jean Cass Art Collection
    Read more about the Eric and Jean Cass Collection

  • Public sculpture with over-life size female figure in woven mesh
    Public sculpture at Southwark Bridge London

    ‘FIGURE & FOUNTAIN’ 1989
    Southwark Bridge, Southwark Bridge Office Development, London
    6 x 5 metre
    See also planning brochure Southwark London

  • Image of Jesus on the cross - chapel St. Mary sculpture in wire-mesh
    Crucifix sculpture in wire-mesh, Shrine of Walsingham

    ’CRUCIFIX’ 1988
    Shrine of Our Lady Walsingham Church, Norfolk, UK
    325 x 218 x 20 cm
    See info flyer (PDF, 2 pages)

  • Metal sculpture in form of a film roll, half-transparent with figurative elements
    Steel and steel-mesh sculpture

    ‘MINIFILM’ 1985
    Freestanding, dimensions 135 x 51 cm

  • Head and shoulders of a wire-mesh figure with black and white colours
    Wiremesh art at Museum Beelden an Zee

    ’SLEEPER’ 1983
    Museum Beelden an Zee, The Netherlands
    Wiremesh, Dimensions 80 x 35 x 24 cm

David Begbie Sculpture - Examples

| Museum Beelden An Zee, The Netherlands 'Amalgamates, ‘Sleeper
1988 | Shrine of Walsingham, Norfolk: ‘Crucifix‘ download flyer (2 pages, pdf)
1989 | Southwark Bridge, Southwark Office, London ‘Figure & Fountain‘
1992 | City Place House, London 'Back to Front' Diptych, 'Venus'
1993 | Jumeirah Hotel / former Hyatt Carlton, London 'The Peak Health Series'
1993 | Natural History Museum, Primates Gallery, London 'Origins' Triptych - Flyer
1994 | Cannons City Gym, London 'Archetypes'
1994 | Private commission Georgio Armani, Italy 'Jacquett'
1996 | Corporate Headquarters Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norway 'Firmform' and 'Fineform'
1997 | Jumeirah Hotel / former Hyatt Carlton, London ‘Swimmingtruncs’
1998 | Park Hyatt, Hamburg ‘Composure’ Mendelssohn Portrait
1999 | Ladbroke Sporting Casino, London ‘Chance’
1999 | The Jam House, Birmingham: ‘Anangel’ Manangel
1999 | Queen Victoria Street, London ‘Humantouch' Diptych
1999 | Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London 'Faith'
1999 | St Mary the Less, Chilbolton, Winchester 'Cruciform'
2000 | Fleet Place House, Holborn Viaduct, London 'Fishnet'
2000 | Bede’s World Museum,Jarrow, Tyne & Wear 'Worldsapart' more info and images
2001 | Ten Covent Garden, Connaught Rooms, London ‘Heavenlybodies‘
2001 | The Lowry Hotel, Manchester 'Suspense'
2002 | The Milan Bar, Grants of Croydon, London ‘Anangel‘
2004 | Hotel Linde, Mariawörth, Austria: 'Nuda'
2004 | Radisson SAS Hotel, Stansted 'Stanstill'
2005 | The Jam House, Edinburgh 'Anangel'
2006 | 62 Threadneedle Street, London 'Totu'
2006 | San Domenico House, London 'Nuuda', 'Nuudu' and 'Tunuud'
2007 | Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Providence Wharf, London 'Geni' Series
2007 | Donation to International Slavery Museum, Liverpool 'Nslave'
2007 | Way of Therapy, London: 'Otuu'
2008 | The All England Lawn Tennis+Croquet Club, Wimbledon 'Grandslam' Watch the video
2008 | Coloplast Limited, Peterborough 'Olo'
2010 | Hanover Grange, Montego Bay, Jamaica Video "Hanover Grange”
2012 | Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London 'Transpose' Buddha sculpture and 'Transcend'
2013 | 'Fine Art Sails' London: 'An Eye for the Buoys'. Read the Cowes Yachting Article
2013 | Hotel Linde, Mariawörth, Austria 'Antu'
2013 | Mews of Mayfair, London: 'Sola'
2013 | Private commission, NY States, USA 'Chachacha'
2014 | Private commission, NY States, USA 'Hi Five'
2014 | British Consulate-General, Shanghai 'Mblem'
2014 | 8 Northumberland, London 'Cirrostratus'
2014 | Conning Asset Management Limited, London 'Arios Diptych'
2015 | 8 Northumberland, London 'Cirrii Series'
2016 | ‘Mein Schiff 5‘ Cruise Ship 'Transmute'
2017 | Le Royal Méridien Hotel, Dubai 'Airwave'
2018 | Private commission of an astronaut ‘Spaceman
2018 | Private commission of a garden sculpture 'Treeza'
More Artwork on this Website:
My sculptures have no palpable substance or surface. At first glance they appear to be a metallic membrane but when you take a closer look they are not even a skin. They are in fact a delineation of surface and form, modelled and drawn in three-dimensional space.
David Begbie