These two-dimensional (flat) metal sculptures come in a limited edition each - usually a maximum of nine of each artwork plus 3 artist proofs, fabricated on demand.
These semi-transparent sculptures are numbered, signed and dated - a new art form I invented derived from my three-dimensional unique sculpture.

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3 body portrait sculptures and a poet portrait sculptures seen at an art exhibition

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360 Degree
Using his very own techniques of modelling in steelmesh and incorporating photography the outcome for these artworks is stunning:
An image derived from original unique steelmesh sculpture is reformatted in flat (two-dimensional) panel stainless steel, translating it into a new art form.
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A New Art Form

These sculptures are a quite different art form/medium altogether which David has invented and pioneered - they epitomise sculptural economy and visual succinctness. David's unique art-form for portraiture is bold and completely convincing, achieving the translation beautifully from his steel-mesh sculptures.

Most of these sculptures are made of stainless steel, some are made in phosphor bronze or brass.

These two-dimensional sculptures are editioned as a limited series - usually a maximum of nine of each artwork plus artist proofs. All sculptures are numbered, signed and dated on the back.

These flat steel panel sculptures can be painted in a range of different metal colours to suit either the artwork itself or its intended purpose and location. Some sculptures can be be shaped again into concave or convex (3D) for a suspended, wall-mounted or free-standing artwork.

Custom-made portraits in nearly every size are possible as a commissioned individual artwork - by providing a snapshot photograph (a passport image or similar) - enquire about sizes and prices by email.
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With strategic lighting I create dynamic compositions between three-dimensional form and its projected shadow - an optical fusion of two and three dimensions articulating light line and form.
David Begbie

Accessory for freestanding artworks:

PEDESTAL’ (optional)

Three example of modern sculpture presented on a metal pedestal.
Different pedestals for freestanding artworks are available. Made for single or multiple figure sculptures (circular or rectangular bases). Customised height and colour finishes on demand.
Please enquire for tthe perfect pedestal.

Accessory for suspended artworks:

EASEL’ (optional)

A ’flexible’ and elegant way to present a hanging artwork with transparent nylon lines.
Painted steel, customised height and colour, different design optons for single or multiple figure sculptures.