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Drawing in Three-dimensional Space

'Cinematic Portraits' Documentary
Film by DOGMA85
2023, 100 seconds
I am pleased to share a video documentary produced by filmmaker @peterpahor through @DOGMA85, part of the official playlist of 100 seconds films “Cinematic Portraits”!
Film Production May 2023 - Thank you for a great result!
The video is very mysterious and enigmatic - it's also quite surprising and very contemporary with a cinematic feel, conveys interesting information, maintains a great pace, and adds a touch of fun as well.

This is the tenth episode of DOGMA85 original series "Cinematic Portrait" celebrating human’s art, creativity, culture, passion ideas and dreams on 100 seconds films.

Watch the full series on: CINEMATIC PORTRAITS - Directed and edited by Peter Pahor

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The distinction I make between art and design is that a design object is utilitarian and designed to be used whereas an art object is ‘useless’ other than being a work of art - as Pablo Picasso once said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
David Begbie / Pablo Picasso