A powerful man sculpture  titled STRONG BACK by sculptor David Begbie

'My Favourite Design Object'

Interior Design Interview with Carol Annett and Sara Cosgrove
Preview for Interview Sara meets Carole Annett - an interview about favourite design objects
I was pleasantly surprised to listen to the interview 'Sara Meets' by Sara Cosgrove with Carole Annett, discussing Carole’s favourite design book and her favourite design object which is my earlier work 'STRONG BACK' 1984.
Carole Annett has been immersed in the world of design and interiors for over 20 years, most recently as interiors editor at Country & Town House magazine and is hosting ‘The House Guest’ podcast.

Her guest is Carol Annett who names her favourite design book (William Yeoward: “Blue&White”) and as her favourite design object is her David Begbie sculpture ‘STRONG BACK’ Carol bought years ago, also Yinka Ilori’s work Carol currently loves.

Carol Annett discovered my art in 1984 when taking part at a Vogue writing competition about a piece of art. She visited my solo exhibition 1984 and was astonished how I mould wire just by his hands. Carol decided to put her name on the waiting list to purchase one of the artworks of his show.
From all of his work she likes the men subject best and explains how to display the sculpture with light shining through to get this incredible shadow on the wall, showing the rippling muscles. Carol thinks it is quite extraordinary and very clever, knowing and understanding the anatomy and to create this sculpture just from one sheet of mesh - all in one piece, no moulding or welding involved.
Carol mentions that my work is copied now all over the world which tends to be happening but thought it’s one of the most beautiful things she’s ever seen. She is so pleased she did then, as the money invested would have been long gone otherwise if she would not have decided to follow her passion.

I particularly liked the comments about the effect of purchasing an artwork
"... that if you really follow what you love it’s part of you and crystallises as a part of your life. So you’re coming back to what you love each time you’re looking at it. These objects are much more than a physical form and bring you back in time, give you sustenance and inspire you. It travels with you on your journey."

Interview January 2021 (Instagram) 29th January 2021
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