‘Art Unbound‘ 2019

18 Sculptors at Rococo Garden, Painswick
Gloucestershire, UK
26 May - 8 September 2019
A white abstract and figurative suspended mesh sculpture in a summerly garden
Two bronze-coloured mesh-sculptures with drapery and their shadow reflections
A transparent bronze angel suspended between trees at a sculpture garden exhibition
At the exhibition: ’Circum 2014’ in white bronze mesh, ’Mythos I’ and ’Mythos II’ 2017 - male and female figurines with drapery, and angel sculpture ’Soln’ 2017.

Art Unbound‘ is a new departure for the magical Rococo Garden in Gloucestershire, an ambitious exhibition of contemporary outdoor sculpture, that will intrigue, entice and delight.

From 26th May 2019 - Taking inspiration from the playful intentions of the garden’s designers back in the 1740s, Art Unbound will be an ambitious exhibition of contemporary outdoor sculpture:

Many thanks to curator Anna Greenacre who is working with 18 sculptors from around the UK who have been selected for Art Unbound:
Peter Beard, David Begbie, Aly Brown, Mike Chaikin, Alison Crowther, Sophie Dickens, Luke Dickinson, Kim Francis, Alex Jones, Tony Lattimer, Sophie Marsham, Rebecca Newnham, Yorgos Papadopoulos, Joe Smith, Guy Stevens, Anthony Turner, Clare Trenchard & Dominic Welch.

Art Unbound will embrace the natural and creative energy of the rococo period and connect people to both art and the environment. There will be craftsmanship, beauty and playfulness in abundance. Alongside the exhibition will be a programme of talks, workshops and other events.

For Art Unbound David has chosen to exhibit sculptures in the Rococo spirit, mixing abstract and figurative subjects which emphasise both classical and flamboyant decorative themes, for example, Mythos I and Mythos II are male and female wiremesh nudes placed in classical niches, whilst Circum, an abstract circular and figurative sculpture or Scrumple, a wreath of apples and drapery or the angel sculpture Soln mirror the playful spirit of the Rococo period.

Request a personal invitation to the private view, where sculptors and the curator will be present!

All info: http://www.rococogarden.org.uk/Art-Unbound. Download the Press Release.
T: + 44 (0) 1452 813204, E: info@rococogarden.org.uk
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