Vogue's Choice:
Net Fashion as Inspiration

Sculpture 'OSO' featured in Vogue's Net Fashion
Vogue Russia with David Begbie Sculpture in Net Inspiration
Vogue Russia, Issue July 2021, page 42
Vogue's Choice: 'Net fashion as inspiration'

Here is a translation:
The mesh tights are a thing of the past, it's time to discard - It's time to throw off the rest of your modesty and try on fisherman's daughter dresses and tops.
Vogue is the most influential fashion magazine in the world. It has been published in Russia since 1998.
Работа скульп - Дэвида Бэгби = Sculpture by David Begbie
and the work of the sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi

1. T-shirt in polyester and cotton, 19,455 rubles, Pinko. 2. Nylon and leather bag, 65,600 rubles, Prada. 3. White gold and ceramic Ultra ring with diamonds, Chanel. 4. Leather and cotton shoes, 105,800 rubles, Off-White. 5. Cotton and polyester top, 118,000 rubles, Burberry.
Photo: Fabiano Caputo (1); indigitalimages.com (2); Vogue archive (7)

Vogue - самый влиятельный журнал мод в мире. Издается в России с 1998 года.

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