‘Children Around the World’ Donation, Shanghai

Sculpture Donation / Charity Auction
28 Feb - 16 March, Shanghai

I have been invited by Stephanie Harwood and Krassi Gormley to represent the UK in this forthcoming fundraising event and I am very pleased to be able to offer a sculpture originally made as a working maquette for a giant sculpture commissioned for the Millennium Dome, London in 1999.
The Consul Spouses Shanghai (CSS) Project with representatives from over 30 diplomatic missions' fund raising activity 2014 is an art project designed to help Children of the World and to support International Women's Day to which I have donated "PROTU" for exhibition and auction.
Krassi Gormley, wife of Irish CG, is the President of CSS and is organising the event which will undoubtedly attract considerable media attention. More info: Sh-Artshow (Chinese / English)

The ‘Children Around the World’ art exhibition at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

On Sunday 2 March 2014 a live auction took place at the exhibition centre, including PROTU. The sculpture fetched RMB 23,000 (approx. £2,300.00) and all funds will go towards helping children with birth defects have corrective surgery. I am very happy the sale of "PROTU" could fund 10 operations for correction of cleft palate.

Shanghai exhibition and donation by sculptor David Begbie
Congratulations to Jenny, the winner of the auction and many thanks for sharing the photos, Lydia!

"The sculpture has been one of the most interesting pieces at the exhibition"
Lydia Forbes from "Shanghai Women’s Federation" (online: 'We Chat' 地球村的孩子国际艺术展 - 慈善之)

Shanghai Charity catalogue title catalogue charity ChinaBaby sculpture made of wire-mesh
Images of catalogue
“International Art and Culture Exhibition
in Celebration of The 104th Anniversary of March 8th International Women's Day” - click to zoom