Opera Opulence at Hanover Grange

with Soprano Christina Collier and Tenor Gilles San Juan

Hanover Grange, Jamaica: Opera Opulence

Who would have guessed it?
That when Theresa and Andrew Roberts designed and built Hanover Grange, Montego Bay, Jamaica, they inadvertently incorporated an opera hall into the building to accompany my commissioned sculptures 'STATU I' and 'STATU II' plus 'NUWDSTILL' which can all be seen in this photo. Apparently, as another bonus, the acoustics are superb!
The mellifluous voice of the evening’s opera singers resonated through Hanover Grange. Read more about Hanover Grange, Jamaica or watch the Opera Opulence video.

Hanover-Grange-illuminated, with David Begbie wall-mounted sculptures

In the picture: 'STATU I' and 'STATU II' (unique sculpture in steelmesh left and right, approx. 2 metres height), 'NUWDSTILL' (limited edition steel panel, ca.1,50 metres height, centred), wall-mounted.