‘Solo Salon Sculpture Exhibition‘ in Spitalfields, London

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14 - 29 Oct 2013, Townhouse, 5 Fournier Street
11 am - 5pm daily
Spitalfields, London E1 6QE

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It was in the 80's that I lived in Worrall House, Spitalfields, which exists secretly between Princelet Street and Fournier Street, entirely hidden from view. It is the oldest house in Spitalfields, nearly 300 years old and originally belonged to Samuel Worrall, the master-carpenter for Nicholas Hawksmoor who built Christchurch, Spitalfields, as well as a number of other distinctive East-London churches.
Even then Spitalfields was a mysterious and unusual place to live full of interesting and distinguished neighbours, some of them artists such as Gilbert and George and Ricardo Cinalli.

My recent visit to Worrall House assures me that it is still the majestic and peaceful haven as it was when I lived there for many years, whilst the surrounding streets have become part of the new creative centre of the universe and possibly the trendiest place on earth.

I am very pleased to be revisiting Spitalfields with a "Solo Salon Sculpture Exhibition" presented by Tanner&Lawson, London at Townhouse, Spitalfields and I would be very pleased if you are able to come along to see the show!