‘ART BREDA‘ 2016

10 - 17 Apr 2016

Art Fair Breda 2016 - logo with invitation by David Begbie

ArtBreda, 4811 Chasséveld, Breda, The Netherlands
www.artbreda.nl, www.vanloongalleries.com

A selection of my new work 2016 just finished for ART BREDA: CYNT, CYNU and CYNW in bronze and steel mesh:
See all images of CYNT, a small free-standing girl / CYNU and CYNW, a female and a male suspended torso, black finished steelmesh.
Request similar available sculpture suggestions by email.

wire-art sculpture by David Begbie - CYNT 2016, a nude girl, free-standing wire-art sculpture by David Begbie - CYNT and CYNW 2016, female and male torso, suspended

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