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’Fine Art Sails’ Racing

2013, 5 minutes - by Fine Art Sails
Regatta at Tullett Prebon, UK, with sails designed by artists
Championship at London Boat Show

Renowned artists create artworks onto star class sails.

Fine Art Sails - founded by Michael Ross, CNM Estates
Produced by CNM Estates, Fine Art Sails. With Joy Carter.
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The image used for the sail is derived from 'EVE' 2008, a limited edition flat steel-panel sculpture.
For this artwork sculptor David Begbie has created an image produced from a unique steel-mesh sculpture and a photographic portrait of his subject. He then translates this into a drawing so as to produce the flat stainless steel panel version. The result epitomises sculptural economy and visual succinctness and is as bold and convincing as his unique, three-dimensional steel-mesh sculpture for which he is renowned. The detail from 'EVE' which he has used for 'AN EYE FOR THE BUOYS' is both humorous and striking and successfully translates into an image for the ARTSAILS concept.

David Begbie discovered the particular properties of steelmesh as an art student in 1977. Since then his work has been exhibited globally and has been an enormous inspiration to many people, including architects, designers, photographers, world of theatre and dance and collectors as well as to other artists and his work has been imitated and copied worldwide. He is the master of his medium and his work speaks for itself.

The mesh transparent- 90% thin air, yet it has as a much greater physical presence than any conventional solid form. Begbie’s skill, perception, understanding and imagination are succinctly and economically contained within the confines of the simple shell that constitutes his sculpture.

The preoccupation with the human form as his subject stems from an early age, the fascination for reproducing figurative bodies in steelmesh has developed extensively over the last thirty-five years. David Begbie achieves fine sculpting detail of musculature and an aesthetic completeness of human form which has even been compared to Michelangelo and particular Rodin, even though his subject is often that of the partial or truncated figure. The real thrill of Begbie’s work is the experience of seeing it ‘in the flesh’, the sculpted bodies are powerful, erotic, tactile, and intimate. For the viewer the steelmesh material adds intrigue yet is somehow familiar; when you first experience Begbie’s bodies you are curious to know how the perfection of form is achieved.
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The distinction I make between art and design is that a design object is utilitarian and designed to be used whereas an art object is ‘useless’ other than being a work of art - as Pablo Picasso once said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
David Begbie / Pablo Picasso