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Life is About Moments

The Mystery of Wire-Mesh & more
Film by DOGMA85
2023, 22 min
“… this is the sort of mystery that I was looking for in sculpture. The delicate mystery of a simple pencil line can be so evocative and often you don't find this in sculpture, in three-dimensional art. What I was looking for was that mystery, the subtlety and the delicate language that you find in painting and drawing.
I wanted to bring that into sculpture and consequently materials I was using became less and less substantial - more and more transparent, moving towards the concept of a fleeting idea.
Life is all about moments - it's a string of moments, strung together which constitute your whole life and those moments sometimes can be very powerful and magical.

What I was looking for in my art and in sculpture in particular was to create and
somehow capture those moments, freeze them. This particular medium really has the power to suggest that it doesn't actually exist!”

Watch the full series on: CINEMATIC PORTRAITS - Directed and edited by Peter Pahor / DOGMA85

The distinction I make between art and design is that a design object is utilitarian and designed to be used whereas an art object is ‘useless’ other than being a work of art - as Pablo Picasso once said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
David Begbie / Pablo Picasso